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The key to a great picnic is preparation, so make everything you possibly can before you head out, this should save you from any extra trips to your local shop or deli. Homemade sausage rolls are always a winner!

Top tip: Stuff pitta bread with salad – it takes up less room as it’s already prepared

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Don’t forget to plan how much food you will need. Think of it as equivalent to lunch, and how much food you would normally prepare for your family. The more you take and don’t use – the more you’ll have to carry back!

An obvious picnic staple is a picnic blanketunique gifts for grandpa, but for ultimate comfort and relaxation, bring along some cushions too – they’re great for a lie-down.

Paper plates are easy-to-use but plastic cutlery and paper plates are bad for the environment. Try melamine plates and trays instead, the bonus is that they’;re reusable but they’re super chic too.

Store your salad, jams and condiments in mason jars. They’;re super handy, easy to transport and they won’t spill.

Top tip: Store desserts in mason jars, cheesecakes are a great option

Skewers are the ultimate picnic food, not only are they easy to make, you can add whatever you want! For a bit of extra fun for the kids, let them make their own skewers – just bring a selection of salad, vegetables and ham, or whatever you fancy!

Have Fun

Most importantly have fun! Picnics are a great way of enjoying the outdoors and spending time with loved ones. Just remember the below non-edible essentials:

Don’t Forget

What is better than a perfectly fitting pair of fleece pyjama pants? Nothing! I will show you how to make a pattern from scratch and sew a pair of comfy pants.