unique gifts for grandpa It’s Almost Here — the new Rotary Needle Punch Tool #45 decorative pillow shams

The Rotary Needle Punch Tool #45 will be hitting BERNINA stores this fall. Just like its predecessor, the CB Hook (5.5mm) machines needle punch tool, it is an optional accessory that can be ADDED to the following BERNINA machines 185, 200unique gifts for grandpa, 730, 640, 450, 580, 820 and 830.?

Use the needle punch tool to integrate fibers, yarns and fabrics into a base fabric.?Attach the barbed needles, attach the needlpunch plate, attach the foot and have fun ‘punching’ fibers moving the fabric as desired.?It is free-motion at it’s easiest because there is no needle thread – just have fun punching!

burlap pillow cover diy

We will preview this great new accessory in October’s Virtual BERNINA Club, “;Vest Dressed.”; It’s a great pattern (because it’s easy) and offers sections for any kind of embellishment.?Check with your dealer if VBC is offered at your store – but either way – be sure to check out the new tool.

It dawned on me last week that Santa hats and Witches hats look quite a bit alike. Right after that realization hit me, I had a lightbulb moment and figured out that if I only made a few minor changes to the blocks that my Halloween Haberdashery quilt pattern could easily become a Santa’s Haberdashery quilt pattern. I love the idea of an entire quilt made up of Santa Hat Quilt Blocks!

Sleep matters. And it matters so much that a fitful night of sleep can leave someone cranky and irritable the entire next day. One way to ensure a great night of sleep is by investing in a good mattress. Yes, we used the term ‘investment’ because it’s nothing less than that, if you care for your quality of sleep.

When we purchased our home, I was reluctant about it because we have a gorgeous view, but from the main level it’s limited due to the deck & screened in porch. I love a good southern home with a screened in porch – off to the side, but I’m making the most of it & am really starting to love the idea! I want to take you along on my journey to turn our so so screened in porch into an outdoor room we’ll love & use often.