unique gifts for grandpa Indoor Water Features – Bringing a New Energy and Interest in to the Home funny cushion covers

One increasingly popular and successful way to bring some atmosphere in to a room is by using water. From a small fish bowl to a larger indoor waterfall the presence of water within a room introduces another texture, sound, energy and mood whilst also looking effective to the eye. When shopping around for an indoor water feature you will notice the huge variety of modern and elaborate choices available dependant on your space, style and budget. Consequently, this article takes you through the best buysunique gifts for grandpa, both budget and blow out, for any style home.

If limited to a smaller space or simply to create a more subtle feature there is a huge range of table top water features to choose from. When shopping around consider the textures, materials and forms already within the room and try to echo these with your choice of style. Large shiny metal orbs are a perfectly formed and modest feature particularly successful in contemporary homes, kitchens, hallways and office receptions. For more traditional and organic homes a more rustic, ‘earthy’ style may be more appropriate. My personal favourite, are long slate slabs which discolour and weather to create a fantastic patterned array of rusty, orange tones. Other options include bowls of pebbles, granite or ceramic.

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For those with more generous space options there is a huge range of more dramatic, statement making features to choose from. For a centre piece, perhaps within a reception room, sun room or hall, search for a free standing feature which is designed to be viewed from all angles. Consider a tall and regal granite column, a tiered Zen type waterfall made of dramatic black slate or a more abstract and contemporary feature made from glass, rock, metal or wood. Again be sure to consider the other textures and styles within the room to maintain the sense of design and unity.

Alongside freestanding and self contained features, as mentioned above, you can also have a more elaborate and bespoke design. For the ultimate in water features why not install a water wall to have constant free flowing water cascading along the plain. These understandably more costly options look fantastic and create a stunning feature for any home offering suitable space. Similarly why not create an aquarium wall to add a novel yet less imposing feature that can act as a great room divide and education/entertainment source for children.

To whatever scale you decide to introduce water be sure to consider the practical and aesthetic elements within the room.Is your location close to an electricity point?Will the noise of water be appropriate in that space?Will it be a feature you will quickly tire of?If chosen correctly this will be an un-regrettable and unique addition to your home.

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