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Australian artist Liz Payne has a natural instinct for colour, her distinct art style is known for celebrating brightness and fun.

Whilst we understand that adding colour to your home can feel daunting, Liz gives us advice on how to easily adopt this season’s favourite hues into the home.

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What are your three favourite new season tones to play with?

Pink – Love it or hate it, pink is here to stay, and for me, the brighter the better. I love pink because you can either go all out and introduce it in a big way, or you can be subtle and use it as an accent. Pink goes great with black and whiteunique gifts for grandpa, not to mention colour blocked against other bright hues, such as…

Red – I love the clash of red and pink together, it makes for a bold statement and is an easy way to inject personality into your space.

Teal – not only does this green hue balance out bolder tones like pink, but it also adds brightness.

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How can we easily adopt these colours at home?

Both pink and green are great colours for statement pieces like a sofa or chair. If a pink chair is too much for your decor, try adding accents through artwork, a rug, or a few scatter cushions. I like to boldly clash pink with red, but this can also be done in smaller doses, through decorative objects, a throw or bright flowers. Green is perhaps the simplest to introduce, as it will transition easily through seasons. Greenwill counteract the pink and red hues, and can be introduced by adding a side table, or through the addition of big leafy potted green plants.

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How does colour transform a room for you?

A lot of people can be scared off by the prospect of introducing big colours into their home, but it shouldn’t be so daunting. Colour makes you happy, and it’s good to be surrounded by things that make you happy at home. As an artist, I love using colour – a lot of it – and the best advice I’ve ever been given is to just have fun with it. Don’t get hung up on making everything match, just let go and experiment with different tones.


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