unique gifts for grandpa How to Make a God’s Eye customized gifts for mom

2. Find the center of your two sticks and cross them at the center.

3. Use wire (or yarn) to secure the sticks together. I used wire because I thought it would create a more sturdy base given the size of the god’;s eye and the fact that it would live outdoors.

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After you twist the wire around the intersection until secure, twist a loop at the back for hanging.

4. Now we start with the yarn. Start wrapping the first color around the intersection. Back and forth between the two sides of the cross until the wood and wire at the center is fully covered and starts to create straight edges of yarn between the sticks.

5. Now we will start wrapping. Work your way around the God’;s Eye counter-clockwise but around each stick clockwise. Working counter-clockwise around the God’;s Eye, go over the top of each stick and wrap around the back and then over the top again. If you look at the top of each stick, you are wrapping in a clockwise directions. If you look at the front of the God’;s Eyeunique gifts for grandpa, all of the yarn will be flat and on the back it will wrap around the sticks. Got it?

6. When you have enough of your first color and want to switch, you can either cut a little tail and start wrapping over the old yarn and the new yarn, you can tie them together, or you can tape them with a bit of packing tape to secure. The taping isn’;t necessary but it does make the switch easy if this step is giving you trouble.

7. Now keep wrapping, and changing colors. Add some variety by making some sections of color narrower and by switching up the color order. Take breaks so you don’;t get carpel tunnel. Distract your kid by giving the a stick and some yarn to wrap, they’;ll love it.If your wood is showing anywhere, adjust the yarn.

8. Do you want to add feathers? Here’;s what you do. If not, just skip this step.Tape a few feathers to the ends of each dowel. Make sure the feather quills are taped over for a smooth yarn transition.

9. Start wrapping yarn straight around the end of the dowel. Be sure to not leave any wood showing in between.

10. Keep wrapping straight around each dowel. Either overlapping, tying or taping yarn to switch color. Wrap until you reach the feathers or the end of the stick. You can tie the yarn around the dowel to finish off. And you are done! For hanging, tie string to the wire loop on the back of the God’;s Eye. You may want to tie the string to the back of the piece, higher-up to keep it from leaning forward.Relax and Enjoy!

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