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I’;m sitting here in Utah on my sisters patio discussing 4th of July Ideas. We’;re trying to figure out our menu, who may be stopping by, what refreshing beverage to make etc…;.

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Then it occurred to me that I could just look up recipes and a few more 4th of July ideas right on my own blog! DOH! ? ?

All?of my 4th of July ideas are easy. Many being printablesunique gifts for grandpa, and printables always make entertaining easy! It’;s not hard to be patriotic with simple ideas.

And one of my newest favorite ideas are the Printable Sparkler holders. I think these are perfect to have ready and hand out. I love them!

Let’;s talk food.

Every 4th of July needs a good Pasta Salad. We’;re trying to decide between my Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad or my Pesto Pea Pasta Salad. Or maybe my Broccoli Pasta Salad. It’;s a tough decision.

For beverages, we’;re going for a sparkling water with lime and mint. It’;s the closest I’;m going to get to a Mojito here in Utah. Or maybe just good ole Limeade.?It’;s always great for a crowd. Then of course there’;s my favorite Brazilian Lemonade.

Here’;s to a safe and fun 4th! Whatever you do, make it delicious!

Our backyard is like a wildlife refuge right now. We have so many birds and squirrels, there is constant movement and activity. I’m curious how they’ll enjoy this Homemade Bird Suet Recipe.

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