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Just in time for the 4th of July! These easy holiday craft ideas for ?firecracker candles are perfect for that BBQ.? I’;ve been a little nuts over the mod podge lately…;…;…;but dang!? It’;s so easy!? I love the trash can I made for my craft room using fabric scraps and love love love my tray I made with my vintage maps.?

I think using several of these candles down the center of a long table would be beautiful.? And festive! This would be an easy way to add 4th of July themed decor quickly.

pillow cases vintage

I picked up the tall candles, ribbon and napkins from The Dollar Tree.

Once home I used the regular formula of Mod Podge for two of them and the Sparkle Mod Podge for one. The sparkle mod podge is more patriotic!? I cut the napkin to size, slathered the mod podge onto my glass candleunique gifts for grandpa, wrapped the napkin around and slathered on more mod podge.? Or I used the wide ribbon. I love how they turned out! I love how the glow from the candle bounces through the blue napkin. These would also go well with the Red White and Blue colored rice candles I did for Memorial Day.

This project took me about 15 minutes, not including drying time.? One thing to keep in mind however, take the labels off your candles…;…;…;..because the paper or ribbon will be somewhat transparent.? No judging.


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It dawned on me last week that Santa hats and Witches hats look quite a bit alike. Right after that realization hit me, I had a lightbulb moment and figured out that if I only made a few minor changes to the blocks that my Halloween Haberdashery quilt pattern could easily become a Santa’s Haberdashery quilt pattern. I love the idea of an entire quilt made up of Santa Hat Quilt Blocks!

Sleep matters. And it matters so much that a fitful night of sleep can leave someone cranky and irritable the entire next day. One way to ensure a great night of sleep is by investing in a good mattress. Yes, we used the term ‘investment’ because it’s nothing less than that, if you care for your quality of sleep.

When we purchased our home, I was reluctant about it because we have a gorgeous view, but from the main level it’s limited due to the deck & screened in porch. I love a good southern home with a screened in porch – off to the side, but I’m making the most of it & am really starting to love the idea! I want to take you along on my journey to turn our so so screened in porch into an outdoor room we’ll love & use often.