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? Winner of the UK’s Most Disgusting Student Room announced

? Top cash prize of £500 ? 53% of students would NOT date someone if their room was messy

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? 7% of students have left a date after arriving at their flat and being put off by how messy it was ? Survey supports opinion that students are messy

? But research shows that messy people are more intelligent It’s long been suggested that students can be unclean, messy night owls, but our survey of 2000 students across the UK has provided some shocking statistics backing up these claims.

A disgraceful 39% of the students we surveyed never dust. Ever. And 44% of them would hire a professional cleaner if they thought it would help their love life. So clearly, their cleaning habits are having some effect on their ability to attract a mate.

Over half of the students had found partially eaten food in a potential partner’s room and 40% had been put off by dirty underwear lying in sight. Ewww.

? The surveypersonalized grandpa gifts, conducted by home furnishing retailer Terry’s Fabrics, pretty much confirmed our worst fears about the state of students living conditions, so a competition was launched to find The Most Disgusting Student Room in the UK. Applicants were asked to upload a photo of their room and could be voted on by the general public. However, the Terry’s team reviewed all entries and chose 3 rooms that they were particularly disgusted by. In first place was Chanette Kennedy from Southampton Solent University.

With just one tiny area of the floor that could be seen, and dirty clothes and food covering the rest, we thought she deserved to win. Second place went to Sidrah Ahmed, 21 from Manchester University who by her own admission only cleans once a month.

She came joint second with Lauren from University College, Birmingham.

Although we may all cringe at the sight of these rooms, it turns out that messy people tend to be more intelligent! A study from the University of Minnesota suggests that disorderly environments are linked to breaking free of tradition and thinking outside the box.

Disorganized people tend to think creatively, are good problem solvers and enjoy learning. So perhaps these disgusting rooms are not so bad after all. Perhaps these are just highly intelligent people with a lot going on. Let’s hope so! To see how you fair on the scale, try our quiz here:


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