personalized grandpa gifts Necklace Holder pillow case baby

Until then, I have to improvise a bit.

This doesn’;t take nearly as much space.

personalized gifts for dad

Just hang it up on your wall and let the necklaces dangle.

You’;ll need:

We have a lot of crayons in this house. ?And it’s mostly because both of my girls, Elli, and Chloe,?came out of the womb LOVING to draw, color, design, etc! ?It’s crazy how much they love it! ?Well, lately,?Connor has been joining the girls and drawing all sorts of Star Wars battle scenes and characters from video games?that I’m clueless about and he only knows about from friends at school…..but he’s been getting really into it and adding lots of detail and colors and labeling them, etc. ?Anyway, because of all this, the crayons are taking over my life!!! ?Ha!

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personalized grandpa gifts