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I love the brown Kraft paper for gift wrapping and have found a huge roll of it at Lowes.

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This stuff last forever! I initially bought it to cover my craft table while crafting with messy supplies like paint, glue etc…; ?I can just cut a new piece when needed and throw away it away when it gets ruined.

It didn’;t take long for me to realize to also use it for gift wrapping. ?It’;s thick and sturdy, so there is no peeking trying to see through it.

As one of the Lowe’;s Creative Ideas Team memberspersonalized grandpa gifts, one of our monthly challenges was gift wrapping ideas and I knew I had to use this roll of goodness. I grabbed a few stencils, round sponge daubers and some paint. I wanted polka dots and deer. So simple. You all know how I love simple with few steps.

This was completed in about 30-45 minutes. What a great way to create a custom look under the tree or create different wrap for different gift groups. For instance…;…;.each person could have their own design. ?Or the neighbor gifts…;…;.or all the teacher’;s gifts. You could end up using this craft to be ultra organized as well. I’;m always thinking…;..

First I rolled out a large piece. Dipped my dauber in my paint and started making dots.?

My next piece I used my deer stencil. Any stencil will work.

I made enough to wrap a few presents.

Can we talk bows? ?GAH! Why are they so dang hard? I even tried watching a You Tube video and just ended up tugging, pulling and cursing until I had something that looked half way decent. I can totally understand why people use those stick on kind. No judgment from me.

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Corky the pin holder pot is a pin cushion design for the pins and needles.

Materials-Sewing Machine (unless your good at hand sewing)-1 yard of Clear Plastic?Vinyl?-White Heavy Duty Thread- Needle to match your thread (for me I used a size 16 needle in my singer sewing machine)-Sewing Pins*Inspired by 1996 Hermes 'Security Kelly'*hundreds of dollars bag for $5 bucks