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Hi Everyone!

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Anybody have a baby who is notorious for losing their pacifier or teething ring? Well, our daughter never liked the pacifier…;..(she prefers her last two fingers together in her mouth…;funny, I know!)…;however has this small and light teething pretzel she loves to death. Since she already lost one, I wasn’;t about to lose the other. So here is a super easy and cheap way to make as many clips as you need to avoid losing those important items your baby loves. The beauty of this clip is that YOU decide the length of the ribbon and where the velcro wrapspersonalized grandpa gifts, so it can hold not only pacifier handles, but light teethers as well.

Now, while in California, I bought a package of about 15-20 badge holder clips for about $3 at Walmart. You can find them in the stationary section. Next, fold a piece of ribbon and insert it into the plastic opening…;.(please don’;t mind my terrible cutting mat…;I need to clean it, I know =)

Next, insert the two ends through the ribbon loop. That will keep the ribbon securely in place.

Then, stitch some velcro in place at the ends. Stitch the smooth part of the velcro to one end and the rough part to the other end.

Here it is…;easy-peasy and think of how many you can make for your baby and\or as gifts!

Now Rebecca is sure to not lose her favorite teething pretzel, especially when going to America to visit her grandma and grandpa =)

Happy clip making!

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