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We love Bunny Williams’; collected style,sowe’;re always looking for ways to bring that perfectly layered look into our homes. Her new Nailhead FoldingScreenmakes it easy to add art, pattern, and purpose to an empty corner or space. We’;re showing you fourways we’;ve used this upholstered screen that comes in more than 200 colors!

Our favorite part about Bunny’;s nailhead screenis that can be used to display artwork. It’;s substantial enough to display cards and even framed art. In this cozy living roompersonalized grandpa gifts, her screen, upholstered in our Danish Linen, has a place of importance displaying holiday cards.

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Folding screens have always been used to create privacy, so they’;re a natural fit for a bedroom. We chose our Arryanna Taupe fabric and paired it with a collection of sunburst mirrors.

Been wanting to create a gallery wall of family photos? Curate your own collection by pinning up a rotating mix of favorites. A variety of frames and shapes blend together when they’;re united on the folding panels.

We always love a groupingof botanicals in a room, but instead of painstakingly hanging them in a perfect grid, considering pinning them to an upholstered screen, like we did here. Simple T-pins are all you need to turn your prints or even kids’; drawings into an artistic focal point.

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We have a lot of crayons in this house. ?And it’s mostly because both of my girls, Elli, and Chloe,?came out of the womb LOVING to draw, color, design, etc! ?It’s crazy how much they love it! ?Well, lately,?Connor has been joining the girls and drawing all sorts of Star Wars battle scenes and characters from video games?that I’m clueless about and he only knows about from friends at school…..but he’s been getting really into it and adding lots of detail and colors and labeling them, etc. ?Anyway, because of all this, the crayons are taking over my life!!! ?Ha!

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